Sunday, 15 December 2013

A different christmas ornament each day

This year at work i decided to gradually decorate my school hatch by adding a home made ornament each day!  Seemed a good idea at the time but it has proved to be a job and a half and the time it has taken me i now regret doing this even though the children appear to have enjoyed finding a new item each day!

Same picture different cards

After the christmas fair i was asked by one of the school teachers to make her two christmas cards. One for her parents and one for her sister and husband.  She wanted names on them and as her brother in law is from south africa and called Werner it wasn't exactly an off the shelf name lol.
In the end these are what I came up with.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Aston by Sutton Xmas Fair

A month ago I paid the PTA £10 to have a stall at their xmas fair.  Since then I have made christmas cards and decorations to sell.
Well yesterday was the sale!  To be honest I was surprised by the supprt as this is the first fair I have been to since starting work at the school.
i was really pleased with the comments on my work, its so nice to hear positive comments from people who you don't know, at least you feel they are honest and not just said to appease.
The card stands that my hubby had made for me worked well but being wood are far to heavy, it meant more trips to and from the car, but that is a minor moan!
I actually took £86, not bad when you look at the prices set on items.
The only downside is that my knee has taken a hit from me standing still for so long.  Having gone back to work last week after only having a week off after tearing the menisci in my right knee, standing without moving  was just too much too soon, but at least i have a day to rest it before work tomorrow.