Monday, 15 May 2017

Happy birthday

Its that time of year again! Another year older. Another bucket load of grey hairs, plus more aches and pains to enjoy.  Yes its another candle to go on my birthday cake, which is already a total fire hazard without adding yet an extra flame!!
But all that aside it is one of my friends birthdays the day before mine so  I  have got all creative to make her a birthday card!

Of course before that's shown on here I have to show the boxes I made for her pressies.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Just like buses.

Well it seems that my blog posts are just like buses. You wait for ages with nothing coming along then two arrive together!
Ok so my posts arent together but they are certainly close. They are also on the same theme of notepad and stand. These however are from Asda and so a different size. I also added a pen holder on the back. If nothing else it gives a bit more balance wreight to the pad.
Now i dont know what you think. Personally i wish i had made the holder slightly wider, but thats so it would have shown offthe brads better. But next time hopefully i will remember.
 I also like the black on the bright pink base. I do hope you like them as well.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Tea and Coffee drinkers of the world unite!!

Tea and coffee drinkers will hopefully enjoy these little notebooks that stand up on the unit, as opposed to laying forgotten in some drawer.
Easy to make, but oh what a cute little gift for that person who just loves to make lists.
To make the easel that holds a little jotter that i bought from Wilkos cut a piece of card 4.5" x 11.5" (the length of A4 card)
On the long lenth score at 4.5, 5.5, 6.5 and 11
Fold the score lines with the 5.5 fold going in the opposite direction to make a hill and valley fold.
Cut a strip 4.5 x 1.5  stick the edges to the top on your easel so that you can thread your notebook back onto your easel.
Fold the score line at 11"  and glue the flap behind the top of your easel.

I know my instructions are confusing, maybe seeing the finished item will make things clearer.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

How often do you mean to get something done, then end up doing something totally different?

Well its one of those mean to do that but ending up doing something totally different type of days!
I am suppsed to be making a wedding card, but for reasons bewt lnown to my mojo, it isn't quite working out that way!
I have made a number of cards for this lady and to be honest I dont charge her a lot. I enjoy the chance to make and she gets a card in my eyes its a win win! Obviously you can tell that I am not a serious business woman here. But on the other hand its excellent PR, and I know she would recommend me to others.
Well a lot of recent cards that I have made have had photos incorporated into them, but this was just not going anywhere. I did make a card but was unhappy with it.

Its ok just not what I really wanted! So I asked if she could send me the pictures not on a collage, and here is what I made. i am much happuer with this and so was she!! 

So the card would not get squashed I made this box for it.

So sometimes your mojo sends you on a quest! A quest to achieve that perfect card. You might not always get there, but it is certainly fun trying!!

Thursday, 2 March 2017

A Little Treat

I help at an OAP group, cooking. Next week i is the groups second birthday and we are doing a little party for the members to celebrate! I have been asked to make some quiche for the event, something that I tendme be known for in the family and in my group of friends. Its a laughing matterthat everyone knows that I never make just one uihe at a time, insstead the minimum number that I make tends to be aound the six mark, thus always having spares for thse visiting children who come to help me dispose of them!
Well I still have to get baking, but I have de ome little sweet treats for the members. Making some plainer versions for the men in the group!
They hold the little square wrapped chclate bars that you can get at Aldi and Lidl, so not an expensive treat but something nice all the same.
Using scraps of card and papers its a simple process to maathe card wrap around the chocolate bar, with enough to flap oer the front. The top flap I cut fancy using one of my thinet dies. Some double sided tape on the inside to stick the choccolate bar to the card, andholes punched through the top to keep it closed.
Easy to make but extremely effective.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Sorry you are leaving

Last night i had a message from a regular customer who wanted a special card made for one of her work colleagues who was leaving.  Wanting a chance of pace i agreed to get it done asap, which I actually managed to do today.
I was quite pleased with the final result and more to the point my customer was over the moon! Great when things go this well!

Its a real tweet!

My daughter keeps chickens so when i saw the chicken stamps in the stampin up catalogue i just had to buy them!
Well i have had great fun playing with those stamps. They will work great for birthday cards not to mention easter ones!!
It will no doubt not take long for some of these cards to find themselves winging their way across to my daughters home lol.