Tuesday, 7 March 2017

How often do you mean to get something done, then end up doing something totally different?

Well its one of those mean to do that but ending up doing something totally different type of days!
I am suppsed to be making a wedding card, but for reasons bewt lnown to my mojo, it isn't quite working out that way!
I have made a number of cards for this lady and to be honest I dont charge her a lot. I enjoy the chance to make and she gets a card in my eyes its a win win! Obviously you can tell that I am not a serious business woman here. But on the other hand its excellent PR, and I know she would recommend me to others.
Well a lot of recent cards that I have made have had photos incorporated into them, but this was just not going anywhere. I did make a card but was unhappy with it.

Its ok just not what I really wanted! So I asked if she could send me the pictures not on a collage, and here is what I made. i am much happuer with this and so was she!! 

So the card would not get squashed I made this box for it.

So sometimes your mojo sends you on a quest! A quest to achieve that perfect card. You might not always get there, but it is certainly fun trying!!

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