Wednesday, 19 February 2014

So much to do, so little time to do it

I really wanted to get some serious card making done this half term.  I was due to be home alone with both hubby and son at work.  Oh how I was looking forward to that.  But it wasnot to be, for my mother passed away on Feb 13th.  The following day (valentine day) was my 35th wedding anniversary.  Suffice to say it wasn'thow I envisioned the daygoing!
So the half term week off from school has been taken up with visits to the registry office, solicitors, bank etc.  hours plodding through probate forms, clearing her room at thecare home, sorting her furniture at our sharedbungalow and finally sorting out thefuneral.
Luckily after a glitch with the death certificate, everything is now sorted and the funeral is scheduled for tomorrow.  Hopefully after that everything will settle down and i can getback to some theraputic cardmaking!

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