Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Christmas cards, workshops and old friends!

Well in the past week I have been making Christnmas cards, using up old papers from my stash, so that I have a valid excuse to go off and order new paper from the Stampin Up catalogue! Plus I have run my first workshop, and there's nothing like starting big, I had been asked to do a class with a group of ladies and gents in ages ranging from sixty to one hundred, oh and between twenty to fourty people!
So I decided to go with some simple cards all ready with double sided tape on, and covered notebooks. i prepped fourty five packs, just in case, and with my knees knocking I went to the Tuesday club!!
Well if I say so myself it went rather well with thirty people attending. Would be easier with less people but hey ho!!
So I have another smaller workshop booked for September and I am intending to run another one here at my home in a few weeks time, as I have had a couple of people showing interest in attending I am quietly confident that this could work out well.
The first home workshop will make the attached picture, its a lovely little set that can make an ideal gift and in my opinion is fun to make.

As for old friends, today I met up with a friend I haven't seen for a couple of years. Had a lovely time catching up and we have promised not to leave it so long before we get together again.  
So here's to old friends and the chance of making new friends!

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