Saturday, 5 December 2015

To do a fair or not to do a fair, that is the question

So its the run up to xmas and there are fair to attend, but are they worth it? Unfortunately it took ages before I found when Aston cps xmas fair was being held, by which time I was already booked on Ashton school fair.  Local schools in Helsby and Frodsham when I checked there wer seven schools all with the same date and time for their fairs! Stupid!!
So I attended the Ashton school fair they charged £15.00 for a large table plus a donation to the raffle. Busy event but no one stop and looking at stall. Craft stalls in a separate room so none of us sold much if anything. I took £10.00, £5.00 of which was from the lady running the stall next to me.

The maddening thing is if I had gone to ASTON GOING BY PREVIOUS YEARS I WOULD HAVE SOLD AROUND £60.00

So tomorrow I am doing a tabletop sale in Elton, cost £5.00. Hopefully I will cover my table cost this time!

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