Saturday, 7 January 2017

January promise to myself

I am not setting myself targets this year, i am going to live each day as it comes and hope that at the end of it I can go to sleep with the thought that "today was a good day".
Yes I would like to lose more weight, yes I would like to get fit, yes I would like to go places, see people, make things, etc etc. But if I don't I will try not to stress. I will try to only worry about things that I need to worry about, let the little things that don't matter if I worry about them or not just pass me by (if I can). Let other people worry about their own problems, instead of me taking them on as my own problems.  Then maybe, just maybe, I can live in my own little zen like zone and appreciate the small things in life that actually mean so very much!
Carpe Diem everybody! That's what I am striving for this year!

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