Monday, 27 July 2015

New Family and good friends

Well two weeks ago right out of the blue we found that we were due to become grandparents  again.  Last Sunday our grandson was born!  Yes rather a quick pregnancy  for our family at least. Our son is still reeling as he hadn't  heard anything from the mum to be for eight months.
Long story short his most recent girlfriend, now ex, had been blocking anyone who was female from his Facebook friends list! That included school friends, ex girl friends, cousins......she had been quite the busy bee!!
But luckily I was contacted, although the message did end up in my others folder, where it had sat for weeks with me totally unaware of its existence!  But now baby Theo has arrived and he is beautiful!  Granted the new parents have a lot of talking ahead of them and bridges have to be mended,but I am hopeful that all that can be worked on.
At this mad time  I was glad for the friends I have who were prepared to listen to me as I suffered melt down!
So with this in mind I designed these cards, using some of my lovely StampinUp products.

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